Димчо Дебелянов – A Dark Song

Ния Пушкарова, video still, before and after C19


Having died and in light resurrected –
A soul haunted by sorrow and joy,
Through the day I have bravely created
But tonight I have come to destroy.

When I summon the bright days of comfort
Rough storms conquer the gloomy dark sea,
When I pray for a storm – in my own world
All the echoes are buried beneath.

How I long for a true blazing sunrise
Yet its beams always make me so blind
For I wither like fall and my spring dies
And I blossom with fall left behind.

In the stillness of Time without measures
My discarded life silently fades
And my cry seeks so anxiously pleasure
In the grip of Great desert’s embrace.


Translated by Elena Nemska


списание „Нова социална поезия“, бр. 27, март, 2021, ISSN 2603-543X


Елена Немска – Прометей

Вероника Цекова, ON-OFF-object



забравиха за
Поеха да търсят фалшиви месии
с надежда да получат втори огън.
Но те забравиха, че
два пъти
не се живее,
два пъти
не се умира,
два пъти
не се прощава,
два пъти
огън не дават.


списание „Нова социална поезия“, бр. 26, януари, 2021, ISSN 2603-543X